Christmas Mission


A mission is born...

Last year, we asked everyone that participated in the Christmas Mission to share their story and what it meant to them so that we could pass it along to our customers, friends, families with the hope of inspiring them to do something similar.  The video below is just one of the many stories we heard.


We believe that stories remain one of the most impactful ways to teach, to inspire, and to share our mission. Our mission is simple, to take $100 and to use it to positively impact someone’s life around you. It could be as simple as a donation to a cause you believe in or as thrilling as Jim’s story.


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Deanna's Story

“My Husband and I like to donate to different charities as things come up. The first thing that came to my mind was helping those on the streets, but then what I ended up doing was something that wasn’t initionally on my mind.

We have friends that did a Missions Trip to Uganda.They were working with a bunch of kids that dont go to school, and some that dont have parents or only have one, and soccer is kind of what they got.”

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Our Third Mission - Join Us!

This December will mark our third Christmas Mission! We invite you to join us in finding a way to create your own Christmas Mission and to make a positive impact on the world around you. Below is a video recap of each one of our team members’ missions, ending off with a story about how our Christmas Mission inspired another company to do create their own Christmas Mission for 2020—with over 70 employees!
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