Christmas Mission

Your challenge | CEO's & leaders

Are you looking for a holiday giving program that can replace the seasonal hustle and bustle with peace and goodwill? If so, then we challenge you to give your employees $100 each to take and use to positively impact another person’s life. It will encourage generosity and empower your staff to focus on bringing hope and goodness into the world.
If you can, gather the stories of what your team ended up doing with the $100, and share them with one another to showcase just how much impact a small kind act can make when compounded with many others. Stories have the power to teach and inspire, and help us understand the world in a new way.
Last year, we asked everyone who participated in the Christmas Mission to share about their experience and what it meant to them so we could encourage and challenge our larger community. Please take a moment to watch Jim’s and Deanna’s stories and start dreaming of what you can accomplish with just $100.

Are you ready to join the mission?