Christmas Mission

See just how far
one hundred dollars can go

to make a difference in the community around you.

Our Challenge to you

Whether you are a CEO, Employee or Family, This Challenge is For You!
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about the mission

The idea started with a simple question..

What can $100 do

for the world around us?

The Christmas Mission is an initiative of Clearbridge Business Solutions with the sole—and simple—purpose of doing good in the world around us. Here’s how it began:
In the fall of 2019, as an organization, we were starting to think about how we were going to do some good in the world around us at Christmas. Our Christmas parties [at Clearbridge] have generally been less formal and “family-style” get togethers. Some years we put together meals and purchased gifts for families in the community and our staff delivered them right to the door. The feedback was always really positive and rewarding and so this is where the question came from.

What is Christmas Mission?

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Just go with it..
You're not going to regret it.

“So we were given this one hundred dollars to pay it forward and we were thinking about how around here that doesn’t go far, and how we can have the most impact with this money. We instantly thought of our friends who run a soup kitchen in Mexico for underprivileged kids and their families, and found out during christmas time they were starting food hampers, so it coincided well.”

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“My Husband and I like to donate to different charities as things come up. The first thing that came to my mind was helping those on the streets, but then what I ended up doing was something that wasn’t initionally on my mind.

We have friends that did a Missions Trip to Uganda. They were working with a bunch of kids that don’t go to school, and some that don’t have parents or only have one, and soccer is kind of what they got.”